Sirvoy has a connection (API) to Billogram invoice service. Billogram is a web-based service with no fixed costs and no period of notice. You can test the service by creating an account on their website. Billogram charges per invoice sent.

By using Billogram you can:

  • Email an invoice directly to the customer. From a booking in Sirvoy an invoice can be sent directly by email. Choose: Send to -> Send via -> Email.
  • Send an invoice by mail. Billogram posts the invoice for you. Choose: Send to -> Send via -> Mail.
  • You can also choose to send an invoice both by mail and email. Choose: Send to -> Send -> Email + mail.
  • Invoice reminders can easily be created in Billogram and unpaid invoices can be passed on for debt collection.
  • In the Billogram account you will see if the guest has received the invoice and if it is paid. In the account, you can also write a message directly to the guest and he can reply.

More info can be found here: